Dear Friends,

Some of you know that I have had some serious health issues arise. These issues have required surgery and therapies and at least one more surgery appears to be necessary for complete resolution. But praise be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus!!!

We have been able to engage our colleague Dr. Timothy Cook, a 15 year veteran of the profession. Dr. Cook resides in Louisville, is married and has three children. By joining us, he brings strong Christian values and excellent technical skills. I encourage you to trust Dr. Cook with the health care of you and your family as I do with mine. Make your appointment with Dr. Cook, he is committed to serve you.

Of course therapeutic massage and Tui Na remain available, just call for an appointment. My son, Ezekiel Darnell will be available at our office for people requesting acupuncture.

God bless you all and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love in Christ,



We at Chiropractic Health and Fitness endeavor to provide complete integrated health care for your whole family. Our entire facility is designed to provide a peaceful, comfortable, and effective treatment environment.

At this time, our services include chiropractic care, acupuncture treatments, massage therapy, exercise therapy, as well as herbal and nutritional treatment plans. We are consistently seeking out effective, cutting edge therapies for the benefit of our patients as well as our community. Currently, we are developing a new program which includes Qi Gong martial arts exercises.

Please call the office with any questions or making appointments.

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